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Invitation to Collaborate


Sheltering at home during these Pandemic months has changed the way we work in many ways.

I do get a lot of inspiration from the objects around my house and I have been making cut paper pieces based on these domestic collections.

Still, I had been wondering how to create interactive and collaborative art when we​ can't get together in person.


Then I had an idea.


If folks would be willing to send me a photo of an object from their home (for example -toothbrush, kitchen chair or bowling trophy) I could interpret the silhouettes of those objects and incorporate them into one of more cut paper compositions.   The goal would be to complete the project in time to include the work in my show at Axis Gallery in January of 2021. So, the sooner I get the photos the greater the chance I'll be able to include them.

If you would like to collaborate in this way send me a message on the contact page and mention that you would like to participate in the Domestic Things Project. Then I'll get back in touch with more details.


I hope this sounds like fun.


Roma Devanbu




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